Ayyappa Pooja

On Sunday (December 20th) from 10 AM , our annual Ayyappa Pooja will be taking place.
Because of the pandemic situation, Ayyappa Pooja/Bhajan is virtual and everyone can join through Zoom application 
For the past many years, we are helping a Bala/Baalika Asram in Kerala from the funds collected during Ayyappa Pooja. 
This year we have chose  ‘Sabari Saranasram’ that’s situated very close with Sabarimala and is home for Adivasi (tribal) children. 
As of now, we have collected $650 so far. Please send any amount of your choice for this cause. 
Donations are accept by e-transfer (automatic deposit is set up) to
There are no security questions or passwords necessary. 
Swami Saranam 
Sasidharan Nair