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Kurooramma & Balagopalan

An *Ashtamangala Devaprasnam* was conducted a few years back at Chernthala Mahadeva Temple . The divine revelation was that, *Sri Krishna-Chaithanyam* is existing at a particular spot in that village – Vengilassery. The identified spot was an isolated one and it was excavated . And the remains of legendary *Kuroor-Mana* was recovered there! 

It was indeed a Krishna-miracle that, in this era of land encroachment everywhere, this particular spot remained unoccupied by anyone even (360) years after Kurooramma’s disappearance. Who else can touch Bhagavan Krishna’s property?!

As revealed by Sri Krishna in the ‘Devaprasnam’ and it’s follow-up *Nimithams* (symptoms) such as the recovery of historical evidences; *Kurooramma Sri Krishna Temple* was constructed by Bhaktas at that very sacred spot.

The Temple’s construction and consecration (Prana-Prathishta) strictly complied with *Vastu-Shastra* and *Tantra-Vidhi*. Up to (7) feet depth , existing soil was removed and filled-in by pure river-sand. The Moothy is Kurooramma’s Ishta-Deva *BalaGopalan* – the six-limbed Bhagavan wearing *Pattu-konakam* (silk loin cloth) – holding butter in one palm and Flute in the other hand.

Butter offered in His Hand, is distributed as `Prasadam’ to Bhaktas.


There are Vedic-means to conduct precise Spiritual-validation of a temple’s *Deva-Chaithanyam*. It include : Tantric-rituals, Vedic Astrology and real life experiences of Bhaktas. Sri Sankaran Nambiar (Senior Scientist, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Mumbai) confirms “The Krishna here is the one ‘Who hears Bhakta’s call!!!’ Sri Suresh Kumar (Temple Secretary) wonders” Isn’t it a miracle that this land of Kurooramma remained unoccupied for 360 years, without any human protection?”

Kurooramma and Sri Krishna:
Legendary Love and Compassion between a Mother and Son

Kurooramma was born in the Parur village as Gauri in AD 1570 . She grew-up as an ardent Krishna-bhakta.

An elderly Brahmin Vedic Scholar of Vengilassery village’s Kuroor-Illam married Gauri when she was still a child. However, she became widow at the tender age of (16) before having any children.

In those days, a Brahmin-widow was considered a cursed Ill-omen. She must live in solitude without participating in any social activities. Her only let out was to work in the kitchen and do prayers.

Like every Krishna-bhakta, Gauri too had a detached attitude towards life. The death of her husband and forced solitude multiplied her Krishna-bhakti. She accepted *BalaGopalan* as her own son.

” May BalaGopalan the little lad dark and lovely, appear before me “was her constant prayer.
When God is worshipped as Sri Krishna, He is very soft hearted. In any other form, God doesn’t present Himself totally to His Bhaktas! Yes! Krishna-bhakti is the unique method that gifts Sri Krishna, permanently!

After her kitchen work, Gauri used to sit and pray continuously. Very often she went on fasting. Gradually her divine mind led her to a New World. Her mind was purified. She has no emotions other than Krishna-bhakti. Gauri’s attitude was misunderstood by her husband’s relatives. They started ridiculing her cruelly finding fault with everything she does. Finally, they all abandoned her and moved away to a newly constructed house at Adat.

Bhagavan compensated Gauri for this complete loss of worldly support, by bestowing her *Krishna-realization*. Her eyes filled with tears of love at the sight of anybody. She got the emotion of a Mother whenever she met anyone. Everybody adored her as own Mother. Thus Gauri became KUROORAMMA!

Kurooramma was getting old. In that abandoned state, she needed a support and felt Bala-Goplan is the only solace to her. Therefore, Kurooramma prayed one evening “Oh my BalaGopala ! I have nobody but You !. So be with me always. Do not leave me as You did with Yashoda”.

Next day itself, Bhagavan appeared as a Brahmin Kid “Unni”, in front of Kurooramma. Due to His Yoga-Maya, she could not recognize Him as Bhagavan. She treated him as her own child. She loved him, cared for him, chastised him and took care of him.

To childless Kururamma, Bhagavan served as her son. He lived with her, played with her and even made her angry with His childhood-mischiefs. He helped her in all household chores as a dutiful son does for his beloved Mother. Since Unni’s arrival, Kurooramma lived in great joy.

In the year AD 1640, Kurooramma prayed to Bhagavan to take her to His abode and Bhaktavalsalan immediately took her to Sri Vaikunatam.

After Kurooramma’s disappearance without leaving even her mortal remains , her abandoned home too disintegrated. However, it’s premises containing Bhagavan Krishna’s divine presence, remained under divine protection for nearly (360) years culminating in the recent consecration of Kurooramma Sri Krishna Temple there.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna states in Bhagavad Gita ( 12.5-8) :

  • “Those attached to Impersonal Brahman, experience great difficulty to attain steadiness in my formless un-manifested aspect.
  • But, Bhaktas worship me easily as ‘Ishta-Deva’, surrendering all actions to me , setting me as their goal, and meditating on me with focused Bhakti. They attain me swiftly.
  • Therefore, fix your mind on me (Sri Krishna), and establish your intelligence in me alone; thereafter you will abide solely in me. There is no doubt about it. “
    Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya!!!
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